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Mindful Hanukkah Toolkit with Andrea Creel

November 28, 2021
Yoga In My School
Mindful Hanukkah Toolkit with Andrea Creel
Show Notes

Hanukkah, often called the festival of lights, is an annual Jewish celebration of the of the re-dedication of the temple in Jerusalem and the miraculous burning of sacred oil for eight days.

Andrea Creel of Shining Kids Yoga shares insight, tools, and resources to foster mindfulness during this festival. Listen for tips on how to be nourished by love and light in your family, kids yoga classes, adult yoga classes, and personal devotion.

There are a ton of resources from this conversation. See below for the links.

0:04 Welcome to the Yoga In My School podcast
2:15 Intro to Andrea Cree
4:39 Combining kids yoga and Jewish holidays
6:20 What is Hanukkah
10:39 Inviting mindfulness to Hanukkah
13:22 The Hanukkah kids yoga game
17:06 Bringing Hanukkah into kids yoga class
19:06 Celebrating the Light themes in adult yoga class
23:32 Yoga and Jewish faith
29:00 Respecting Jewish holidays
34:10 Final thoughts on mindful Hanukkah
35:44 How to connect with Andrea/Shining Kids Yoga

Zen Guide to the Holidays

Blog post on Hanukkah yoga activities for children
Online Dreidel Spinner

Yoga/Sanskrit Mantra to chant during Hanukkah:
Om Asatoma mantra
Another mantra that can be practiced is using a mala to chant the Hebrew word "Shalom" 108 times (shalom means peace or welcome)

Rabbi Yael Levy A Way In Jewish Mindfulness
Alef-Bet Yoga Book for Kids
Double the Fun Yoga Cards
Yoga Pose or Dare Card Game
Mystery Pose: A Yoga Guessing Game Book

Connect with Andrea

Connect with Donna/Yoga In My School

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