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Abbi Wills-Sovereign Bodies Learn Here

August 27, 2021 Donna Freeman Abbi Wills
Yoga In My School
Abbi Wills-Sovereign Bodies Learn Here
Show Notes

Initiate change in education through embodied consciousness and freedom. Dive into a new level of self-awareness in learning environments as our amazing guest Abbi Wills, co-founder of Shanti Generation, explores what it means to teach embodiment, student power, and self-compassion in order to facilitate optimal learning and growth.

1:53 Intro Abbi Wills
7:08 Sovereign Bodies Learn Here
12:00 Facilitating Optimal Learning
15:45 How to Manage a Sovereign Bodies Classroom
20:04 Inviting Agency vs Forcing Compliance
25:49 Encouraging Self Exploration and Self Compassion
31:50 What embodied awareness looks/feels like
33:10 Fostering Self Advocacy

Abbi's First Interview with Yoga In My School

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