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Teen Mental Health with Andrew Baxter

April 19, 2021 Donna Freeman
Yoga In My School
Teen Mental Health with Andrew Baxter
Show Notes

Yoga In My School founder Donna Freeman speaks with Andrew Baxter of Teen Mental Health/Mental Health Literacy regarding Mental Health Literacy, resources for mental health for schools/parents, and trends currently happening in youth mental health.

Highlights include:
1:26 Intro to Andrew Baxter
3:26 Mental Health Literacy
6:56 Mental Health Disorders vs Problems
9:10 Propensity for teens to develop Mental Health Disorders
10:35 How youth have dealt with the pandemic
15:33 Trends in mental health among youth
18:34 Tools to manage mental health
25:35 Advice for parents, educators, youth leaders when working with youth
29:43 Using correct terminology 
32:00 Resources for Mental Health 

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