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Trends in Kids Yoga 2021 w Lara Hocheiser

March 27, 2021 Donna Freeman
Yoga In My School
Trends in Kids Yoga 2021 w Lara Hocheiser
Show Notes

Discover the current trends and issues in the kids yoga and mindfulness community with Donna Freeman, host of the Yoga In My School podcast, and Lara Hocheiser, founder of Flow and Grow Kids Yoga.

Highlights include:

2:05 Welcome Lara Hocheiser
5:50 Teaching and leading from moments of growth/vulnerability
7:34 Professionalization of the industry
10:00 School yoga programs, expectations and up-leveling
15:30 Youth becoming yoga teachers
18:52 Community/cultural specialization and responsiveness
21:26 Competition vs Community - empowering all instructors
23:57 Accessibility, Inclusivity, Adaptability
27:20 Teaching within your scope of practice
30:03 Access to yoga - AKA grant writing
32:18 National Kids Yoga Conference

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