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Tips for Teaching Kids Yoga Online

February 08, 2021
Yoga In My School
Tips for Teaching Kids Yoga Online
Show Notes

Welcome to the new world of teaching online. If you wondering how to do well so you've come to the right place.

Laura Mcegan of Divine Light Yoga shares tips on how to effectively teach kids yoga online. Laura brings her wealth of experience and knowledge, providing numerous  ideas of how to maintain attention, engage learners, and leverage virtual tools to achieve dynamic, impactful virtual youth yoga classes.

Highlights Include:
1:26​ Introduction to Laura Mcegan
6:35​ How to teach virtual kids yoga classes
9:28​ Jumping into virtual teaching
13:39​ Tips for engaging children during class
16:40​ Adapting games for online/social distance learning
18:24​ Magic Yoga Box teaching technique
22:36​ Leveraging the Chat function
25:29​ What to do when waiting for people to join a virtual class
30:29​ How long should online kids yoga classes last
33:09​ Using music in online classes
36:58​ Embracing the virtual classroom

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