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Teaching with Neurodiversity in Mind

April 01, 2022 Donna Freeman
Yoga In My School
Teaching with Neurodiversity in Mind
Show Notes

In honor of Autism Awareness Month we are diving into neurodiversity.
In this episode of the Yoga In My School podcast guest McAlister Grenier Huynh, otherwise known as The Neurodivergent Teacher, explains neurodiversity, why it's an essential consideration in the classroom, top tips for teaching SEL so that self-regulations becomes a natural skills, and so much more. You will especially appreciate Autism Acceptance Spirit Week including a FREE handout in the show notes.

Please forgive the hiccups in the audio as we had two interruptions in wifi service during the recording of this episode. Definitely upped the challenge and allowed us to practice being mindful. Thank you.


1:58 Intro to McAlister Grenier Huynh
2:57 Explaining neurodiversity
5:18 Why is it vital to consider neurodiversity
7:02 Neurodivergent processes and procedures
12:25 Quiet & compliant vs calm & well regulated
16:16 Top tips for teaching SEL
23:30 Autism Acceptance Spirit Week
32:45 Where to find The Neurodivergent Teacher

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Autism Acceptance Spirit Week Flyer Free Download

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